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Up again

Two night in a row 4am has come and gone. Bleh. Though I would go lay down but I have to be up at 8am so I don't want to fall asleep and then not want to wake up. We have a very exacting time schedule tomorrow, pick up trailer at 9am, get to Sultan between10am and noon (hopefully closer to 10 am), drive from Sultan to Port Orchard (like a three hour drive) and then back to seattle to drop off the trailer before 5pm. Bleh.

At least I can sleep in the car. Mmmmmm...heated seats....

I've been partially motivated to not sleep tonight cause I wanted to get an update to my webpage done. I was several projects behind in posting pics, so now all the projects for the past year have thier in progress and done pics up. Just finished as of 5:30am. Now what to do?

Guess I could go back to cataloging my MP3s. Except my fingers are starting to hurt from typing. Hmmmm..what to do, what to do......
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