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*Imitates Beavis* Insomnia Kicks Ass!

lol no in all seriousness, I had insomnia for a few months not too long ago, and I fear I may be slipping into it once again.

*looks at clock* Yup, its after 4am and I'm wide awake, lol. I have noticed that sometimes Insomnia comes along with depression.. but not always.
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Yeah, I go in circles with the insomnia with depression, insomnia with no depression, depression with no insomnia.

Right now its mostly this damn headache. took a nap today to try and get rid of it and got up at 8pm and now its back and its 4am and I know I won't sleep if I do lie down. bleh.
I went to bed last night around 6:30am.. woke up at 12. It used to be where if i got more than 2 hours of sleep.. i was dead the next day.. the less sleep i got, the more hyper and more ful of energy i had. then it caught up with me when i got off my depression and i couldnt keep my eyes open. it kinda sux sumtimes.

yeah the most part that sux is layin in bed wishin u could fall asleep, but you just cant.

by the way, i love your icon. i love panthers.. i have a tattoo of a panther on my right shoulder blade =)
I want a tattoo, the one i saw that I really liked was a tribal panther. But where to put it? Thats what I'm trying to decide.

Got pics anywhere online of yours?
u can put it on ur hip? or shoulder? i dunno.. i got mine when i was like 15 or 16.

on my webpage *there is a link in my usernfo but here it is anywayz
( )

go to the drop down menu, its like underneath the pic.. n go to piercings n tattoos.. the pic i have isn't great tho.. i took it myself.. lol
Hey, we have the same birthday and I was born in Saranac Lake, NY.

The panther tat I want is similar in position to the one you have but was made up of the tribal lines, very clean.

Maybe my right front hip, hmmm

Thanks for the link.
lol no problem. i need to get better pix tho..

i have a tattoo on my left hip.. its not that pleasant. i feels like sumone is cutting ur skin with a sharp knife.

where's Saranac Lake? lol sry ive never heard of it
By Lake Placid.

Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake and Lake Placid are refered to as the Tri-Lake area. My dad lives in Tupper Lake and I went to High school there for a year. Small town.
By Lake Placid.

Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake and Lake Placid are refered to as the Tri-Lake area.

My dad lives in Tupper Lake and I went to high school for a year there. Small town.
I'm not sure if what I have is really insomnia, or if I force myself to stay awake. I hate being dead to the world via sleep. It's a bit creepy to think that everyone is busy while you're in your bed. The world could end while you're sleeping.

When I'm tired (just like when I'm hungry), after a certain point of being extremely tired, my body reverts back to being wide-awake. It's like getting a second burst of energy.

Well that makes sense. I had a friend once that couldnt fall asleep AFTER anybody, because he feels that if the other person was asleep, and he wasn't, he was wasting that persons time because u kno how when ur asleep time moves really fast? yeahh he felt like he was holding the other person up. each person sees sleep in a different light. i personally love sleep but cant always get it. and the funny thing is, i always fall asleep when i dont want to, like when i have a lot of work that i need to do

yes that happens to me a lot, i can overcome hunger easily, it takes a bit more to overcome tiredness tho
ive been taking ambien for my insomnia but its changed my mood from passionate to lethargic and despondant so i dont know which is fucking better any more bleh
id stick with the insomnia, at least it prolly kept u a bit more alive
beavis and butthead \m/
Yeah man! Beavis rocks!

o..m...g... *screams* Badger badger badger badger.....